Second Spring… – a lovely email review

Dear Ms. Jane,
First, I applaud you for the topics you have taken up of present days world & its intricacies, i.e. Single Mother, Confident ,smart, helpful, hardworking but Lady Boss and the traditional values (on (love)marriages/ age of the spouse/responsibility of grown up children towards the family); which has Lost its way like Chinese whisper in the long journey but are chanted as early morning hymns which we Indians believe, these ‘Pratha’ rituals have connectivity with the Super Power. And Avantika has dealt with them all so well.
Second, applaud is for the characters made by you or are coming from the far off existence, all are strong. Infact the grayish character Shreya has shown her strength towards her exit; Except Rohan. He, knowing his affection towards Avantika and her past hurt; his own background and the planning towards his future in his family, takes such a step in Delhi, which becomes more weaker with the real introduction of ’Rhea’.
Third, Every character’s decision is based on the people around they love/care or are the support system, except Avantika . The three characters which are most effected in the course of novel are Shreya; who decides on her parents and Ady’s will Rohan; goes with his parents and the societ’s will, but Avantika waits for her son Aarav to grow to such an understanding to appritiate her mothers decision. She doesn’t pay heed to his choice which he made from her own sleep calls. So, I would say her decision was more practical than spiritual.
Avantika is progressive, practical, fun loving, and determined person, with calculative brains. I really got involved with her and emotions.
Regards, Nandita
N.P.: I read the book twice first time I moved with flow and obviously my heart squeezed for Avantika and on second go I emerged with many enquiries.